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Washed cotton long T-shirt khaki

Washed cotton long T-shirt khaki

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All items in the Washed cotton collection use "combed yarn", which is known as a high-class yarn.
Combed yarn is a yarn that undergoes a process (combing) to remove approximately 20% of unnecessary fibers from the surface of the yarn. target.
The fabric that is woven with threads that take time and effort is both elegant and powerful.

Material: 100% cotton

Size (cm) Length bust Snow length
S 61 52 79
M 63 54
L 66 55 85
LL 69 56 86
3L 71 59 88
4L 74 59 92

*Please understand that there are some errors in the actual size.
*Product measurements are in cm.
*The product is laid flat on a flat table and measured.
*Due to the nature of the dyeing process, the color will gradually fade with repeated wear and washing. Please enjoy the one and only fade feeling. When washing, we recommend that you wash it separately (especially separate from white items).

"Combed yarn is a word for carded yarn. After the carding process (the process of removing short fibers and arranging the fibers It is a high-quality, fine-count cotton thread that is refined through a machine called a comb to improve its strength.It is stronger, less fuzzy, and has a better luster.The disadvantage is that the cost of raw materials and processing increases. A cotton thread that does not pass through a comb is called a card thread.Usually, cotton thread with a count of 40 or more is a combed thread.”(Quoted from apparel fashion wiki)

A dyeing factory in Japan with a long history. Classical texture with high dyeing technology.

Washed cotton collection items have a unique texture created by a dyeing factory in Japan with a long history. Enjoy the one and only classical texture dyed with high-quality combed yarn.

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