"Elegance creates strength."

The trainee's body, which has been trained through constant training, is above all precious and dignified.
Whether it rains or the wind blows, the fact that "I have always kept the discipline I decided" exists there.
Keeping discipline is not an easy task and is commendable.
We at TAYUMAZ felt that we needed clothing that could express the dignity that trainees should admire in Japan, and launched the brand.


TAYUMAZ products emphasize "expression of elegance" through shapes, fabrics, and colors.
On the other hand, we aim to be a brand that everyone involved can enjoy by incorporating the ideas of professional people from cooperating factories at the product planning stage and performing pricing while maintaining a sustainable production system.
By putting TAYUMAZ products on your body, we will create a product that expresses that you, a trainee, respect discipline and are a dignified gentleman and lady.