Privacy policy

  • At our company, regarding the information of individuals, groups and corporations registered by members,
  • Used only to develop and provide cutting-edge features and services on ""
  • We shall pay close attention to the protection of member's personal information.
  • The scope of this privacy policy is " Only the services provided by.
    (The range is specified in paragraph 1 below)
  • Unless otherwise specified in this agreement, we will not use it for any other purpose. (The purpose is specified in Section 2 below)
  • We will not disclose it to any third party except as specified in this agreement. (Management is stipulated in Section 2 below)
  • In addition, we will perform appropriate management on a regular basis by the method stipulated in this agreement.
  • " You can change your privacy policy without your permission.
  • " However, when the content of personal information acquisition is changed, the method of use is changed, the content of disclosure is changed, etc.
  • We will publish it in the notice on our homepage so that users can know the contents.
  • We will notify you by reflecting it in this privacy policy.

  1. " Scope of application of the privacy policy of "" ■ " The idea of the privacy policy of "" is that members " It is applied when you use the service of "".
    ■ Members are " The personal information collected when using the service of "" is " It will be managed in accordance with the concept of personal information protection.
    ■ " The idea of personal information protection is " Is only the service provided directly, and the services of other organizations and companies connected by links etc. are out of the scope of application.
    ■ " The use of the service of "" is the responsibility of the user.
    ■ Regarding any damage caused by the use of various information obtained from our homepage and other homepages linked to this homepage, " Does not take any responsibility.
  2. " Collection and use of personal information " In order to develop and provide cutting-edge functions and services to members, some personal information about members is required.
  • Please manage the shop ID and password at your own risk.
    ――We recommend that you change your password regularly and avoid names, dates of birth, phone numbers, etc. that are easy for others to guess.
    ――Please do not disclose, lend or transfer even if you are an acquaintance or friend.
    ――Please do not write your password in the inquiry email or Q & A on our website.
  • The collected personal information is " We will use it only to the extent necessary to provide the service of ", and will not provide it to any third party except in the following cases.
  • With the consent of the member
    --When sending an e-mail from a member requesting consent for the use of personal information
    --When disclosing to the extent necessary for companies that have a confidentiality agreement with us in advance (for example, outsourced business)
    --When sending e-mails or direct mails for advertising of our company or our business partners, etc. to members
    ―― "" The act of the member in "" is " Policy / Announcement, " When it is deemed necessary to protect the rights and property of other members, third parties or our company when it violates the terms of use etc.
    --When you are requested to disclose personal information in accordance with the provisions of other laws such as orders of courts and administrative agencies, or when it is necessary to investigate crimes, eliminate or prevent infringement of rights against third parties, or otherwise.
  • The member agrees in advance with us that the personal information will be used in the manner specified above, and shall not make any objection.
  • Also," In the following cases, we may share the personal information of members with our business partners.
    --When there is a business reason such as a special service for members. In this case, we will ask for the consent of the member before providing the information, and we will not provide it without the consent.
    --When creating statistical data, market research, data analysis, etc. In this case, we will only provide information that has been processed so that a specific individual cannot be identified.