Collection: Washed cotton collection

Elegant luster with combed yarn.

All items in the Washed cotton collection use "combed yarn" known as high-grade yarn.
Combed yarn is a yarn that has undergone a process (combing) that removes approximately 20% of unnecessary fibers from the surface of the yarn. It is characterized by its smooth texture.
The fabric that weaves with the time-consuming and time-consuming threads creates strength while being elegant.

"Combed yarn is a word for curd yarn, and after the curd process (the process of removing short fibers and aligning the fibers in parallel), the removal of short fibers and the parallelism of the fibers are improved. It is a fine-count high-grade cotton yarn that has been refined through a machine called a comb. It has increased strength, less fluff, and better luster. Its weakness is that raw material costs and processing costs are high. No cotton yarn is called card yarn. Usually, cotton yarn with a fine count of 40 or more is a combed yarn. " (quoted from apparel fashion wiki )

↑ Card thread (quoted from apparel fashion wiki )

↑ Combed thread (quoted from apparel fashion wiki )

A historic dyeing factory in Japan. Classical texture by high dyeing technology.

Washed cotton collection items have a unique texture created by high technology from a historic dyeing factory in Japan. Please enjoy the unique classical texture dyed with high-grade combed yarn.

-About the dyeing factory-

A traditional dyeing factory in Japan that has been in business for over 70 years. They are dyeing by taking advantage of the local characteristics of Gunma prefecture. The water quality of the land has a great influence on the dyeing. Therefore, they use groundwater from the Kiryu River, which is rich in nature and is suitable for dyeing.
The dyeing of this product is not the usual fabric dyeing, but dyeing after the sewn product is completed. Since a certain amount of reactive dye is used and dyed together in a dyeing machine, it is characterized by a unique unevenness and individual difference for each point. After dyeing, it is naturally dried, so it has a natural texture.
After use, the color will gradually fade due to home washing, so you can enjoy the color change.