Collection: Washed cotton collection

Elegant luster with combed yarn.

All items in the Washed cotton collection use "combed yarn", which is known as a high-class yarn.
Combed yarn is a yarn that has undergone a process (combing) to remove approximately 20% of unnecessary fibers from the surface of the yarn. is characterized by its smooth texture.
The fabric that is woven with threads that take time and effort to create is elegant yet powerful.

"Combed yarn is a word for carded yarn, and after the carding process (the process of removing short fibers and aligning the fibers in parallel), the short fibers are further removed and the parallelism of the fibers is improved. It is a high-quality, fine-count cotton thread that is refined through a comber, which is used for combing.It is stronger, has less fuzz, and has a better luster.Its weakness is the high cost of raw materials and processing. Carded yarn is called carded yarn.Usually, cotton yarn with a fine count of 40 or more is combed yarn.”
(Quoted from apparel fashion wiki)

A dyeing factory in Japan with a long history. Classical texture with high dyeing technology.

The items of the Washed cotton collection have a unique texture created by high technology at a dyeing factory in Japan with a long history. Enjoy the one and only classical texture dyed with high-quality combed yarn.

- Dye factory -

A dyeing factory in Japan with over 70 years of tradition. We make use of the local characteristics of Gunma Prefecture in our dyeing process. Dyeing is greatly affected by the water quality of the land. For this reason, we use groundwater sourced from the Kiryu River, which is rich in natural blessings and suitable for dyeing.
The dyeing of this product is not the normal fabric dyeing, but the dyeing after the sewn product is completed. Because reactive dyes are used and dyed in a fixed amount in a dyeing machine, each piece has a unique unevenness and individual differences. After dyeing, it is dried naturally, so it has a natural texture.
After use, the color will gradually fade by washing at home, so you can enjoy the change in color.