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Dry Suiting Long Pants Ice Gray / 3D Silicon Logo Ice Gray

Dry Suiting Long Pants Ice Gray / 3D Silicon Logo Ice Gray

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dry suiting long pants have a simple and elegant design, while the
training wear is easy to move and comfortable to wear.
The 3D silicone logo is crimped on the left thigh for a modern look. The
waist strap is made of glossy satin weave cotton satin with a distinctive fur texture, giving it an elegant accent.

Super dry skin

Knitted fabric made from high-combustible polyester yarn is stretchy and smooth to the touch, and the flat seam stitching reduces friction during training.

Quick drying, cooling sensation, UV protection

In addition, the quick-drying and cooling sensation function prevents stuffiness even during vigorous exercise, and the UV protection effect (UV protection rate 96%) protects the skin from UV rays. Masu.
Wear for a variety of training, from aerobic exercise such as running and kickboxing to weight training and yoga.

Model height 181cm
Size LL


■ Waist
S: 64cm, M: 68cm, L: 72cm, LL: 76cm, 3L: 78cm, 4L: 82cm
■ Hips
S: 80cm, M: 84cm, L: 90cm , LL: 94cm, 3L: 98cm, 4L: 102cm
Total length
S: 84cm, M: 87cm, L: 92cm, LL: 96cm, 3L: 100cm, 4L: 104cm
S: 27cm, M: 28cm, L: 29cm, LL: 30cm, 3L: 31cm, 4L: 32cm
S: 60cm, M: 63cm, L: 66cm, LL: 70cm, 3L :74cm, 4L:77cm
Bottom opening
S:12cm, M:12.5cm, L:13cm, LL:13.5cm, 3L:14cm, 4L:14.5cm

*Please note that there are some errors in the actual size.
*Product measurements are in cm.
*The product is laid flat on a flat table and measured.

Material: 96% polyester, 4% polyurethane

Precautions for use
If you pull or scratch the logo part , it may come off.

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