Tayuma's tape

Tayuma's tape

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Special length:
・ Toughness that can hardly be torn off with bare hands
・ Fabric that hardly absorbs moisture
・ Even if it gets wet, it does not twist while keeping the expansion and contraction rate.
・ Durability is about twice that of cotton
・ Breathability is about twice that of cotton

Specifications :
Microfiber, polyurethane

Precautions for use :
・ If you are new to this product or have a rash-prone constitution, perform a patch test before using it. please.
・ Should you experience any symptoms such as rash, redness or itchiness after using this product, discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor.
・ Do not use directly on wounds, skin, etc.
・ Before applying the tape, remove sweat and oil.
・ Apply lightly so that the skin does not feel pulled by the tape.
・ When peeling off the tape, gently press the skin so as not to lift it, and slowly peel it off along the flow of hair.

Precautions for storage:
・ When storing, keep out of reach of children.