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Athlete Emu Oil 80mL

Athlete Emu Oil 80mL

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TAYUMAZ Athlete Emu Oil is highly permeable to the skin and keeps it moist without stickiness.
In addition, it has good lubricity, so it spreads well with a small amount and is comfortable to use.
Contains 100% naturally-derived ingredients that are fragrance-free, color-free, and do not use petroleum, chemicals, or additives.
Not only for athletes, but anyone from babies to the elderly can use it with peace of mind.You can also use it on your face

What is emu oil

For more than 40,000 years, Aboriginal people, the indigenous people of Australia, have been using this 100% natural “body care and skin care” oil as a panacea for muscle fatigue, inflammation pain relief, and dermatitis. Yes, it has been scientifically analyzed since the 1980s and is attracting attention from around the world.The
component is a variety of essential fatty acids centered on omega 3, 6, and 9, and is rich in natural oleic acid, linoleic acid, and linolenic acid.It is a natural oil with ingredients that are the closest to human sebum, so it is safe and suitable for the human body.
Widely used in specialized fields such as medical institutions and the professional sports industry

What is an emu?

A bird endemic to Australia, the species is a ratite (flying) of the cassowary family.It is an ancient bird that has lived for over 80 million years.Body length is about 160cm to 200cmWeight is 40kg-60kgIt is used alongside the kangaroo in the Australian government coat of arms.

Oil characteristics and storage method

The color is white to whitish-yellow and highly viscous.No fragrances or deodorants are added.
Due to the action of oleic acid, it is resistant to oxidation and does not deteriorate easily.Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, and store in a cool, dark place.
Because it has a low melting point, it solidifies in winter or when it is cold, but there is no problem with the quality (22 to 24 degrees is best).
If it is difficult to get the oil out, warm the bottle with your palm or lukewarm water for a few minutes before using.
Commitment to 100% natural ingredients, no petroleum, chemicals or additives are used

Reliable quality used by top athletes

For athletes who overwork their bodies on a daily basis, physical condition management such as injury prevention and fatigue recovery is essential.The reliable feeling and quality that can meet their strict requirements is the secret to long-term patronage.Of course, it does not contain any doping prohibited ingredients, so it has been used for many years by Japanese national teams in summer and winter competitions and by professional sports teams in various countries, including Australia.
Applied before sports to warm the muscles, it is recommended for preventing muscle soreness and relieving pain after sports.

Olympic athletes overseas, professional sports federations in Japan, Olympic athletes, professional baseball teams, J-League, adult sports, universities, hospitals, orthopedics, osteopathic clinics, rheumatology departments, etc. It has been

Functions of emu oil components

Emu oil naturally contains more than 10 types of fatty acids, of which the following 3 types are said to be highly effective.The composition of emu oil is considered to be more effective because it contains an ideal distribution of both the number of items and the amount of ingredients.

Oleic acid (omega-9 series)
It is also contained in olive oil, etc., and has excellent skin absorption and works to better penetrate the active ingredients.
Since it suppresses lipid peroxide, it has the function of stabilizing DNA in cells without destroying it (= suppressing cancer)
It is said to prevent arteriosclerosis because it only reduces LDL (bad cholesterol).

Linoleic acid, r-linolenic acid, arachidonic acid (omega-6)
Contained in breast milk, etc.; Considered to be effective in expansion and suppression of platelet aggregation
It is a raw material for prostaglandins, bioregulatory hormones, and can be expected to help regulate inflammation and blood pressure.

a-Linolenic acid (omega-3 series)
Contained in perilla oil, etc., and a raw material for EPA and DHA
Suppresses the formation of blood clots, dilates blood vessels, improves blood circulation, and controls blood pressure.
It is said to have the effect of suppressing allergic diseases such as sensitive skin, atopic dermatitis, hay fever, and asthma, as it strongly suppresses the actions of mediators of allergies and inflammation (histamine, thromboxane, leukotriene, etc.). Masu

Emu oil's sebum composition comparison
In order to penetrate and absorb into the stratum corneum easily and quickly, it is important how close the sebum composition is to humansYou can see how close the fatty acid composition of emu oil is to humans

Fatty acid name Human Emu Oil Horse oil Camellia oil
Myristic acid 2.1 0.4 3.2 0
palmitic acid 20.2 22 24.7 8.8
stearic acid 11.2 9.6 5.9 2
Palmitoleic acid 3.8 3.5 7 0
Oleic acid 30.8 47.4 35.5 79.6
Linoleic acid 15.1 15.2 10.8 8.5
Linolenic acid 0.3 0.9 9.5 0.3

(Reference: US Dr. L. Hopkins / Japan Oil Inspection Association, etc.)

Emu Oil Factory

TAYUMAZ Athlete Emu Oil uses oil from a manufacturer that continues to produce high-quality emu oil through long experience and technical research among the many emu oil manufacturers in Australia.
The oil manufacturer has obtained a strict emu handling license from the Australian government for all aspects of breeding, processing and production.
We produce high-quality products in factories that are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) approved.
Among the Australian emu oil manufacturers, we are one of the few manufacturers that manages production in accordance with the world's strictest EU (European Community) regulations and is authorized to export to the EU.

Difference from other companies' emu oil

Using the Australian patented "OIL TEK" manufacturing method, we have succeeded in commercializing the highest quality emu oil that is unlike any other.
Registered in the "TGA (ARTG) = Therapeutic Drug Registry" and "MIMS = Medicine Inventory" certified by Australian government agencies as a product that "reduces muscle and joint pain, improves skin, and lowers cholesterol." (TGA registration No. AUST L 92158 acquired)
In addition, in a blind test conducted by the Western Australian Department of Agriculture, an Australian government agency, it was reported to be the product with the most anti-inflammatory effects (test number: DAW-82/1997).

What is the OIL TEK manufacturing method?

It is a patented manufacturing method that takes time and effort to carefully process emu oil using a natural method that matches the characteristics of emu oil without bleaching or deodorizing with the addition of chemical substances.With this manufacturing method, we have achieved commercialization without excessive refining and without damaging the active ingredients of emu oil. 

How to use

Apply an appropriate amount to the areas of concern so that it penetrates well.For body care, it is good to add a gentle massage.Good penetration, non-sticky, no need to wipe off

Precautions for use

Be careful if you have any abnormalities on your skin before using.Discontinue use if it does not suit your skin.Because it is a naturally derived ingredient, it may change to liquid or solid depending on the temperature, but there is no problem with the quality.If oil does not come out easily, warm the container with lukewarm water before using.

Ingredients: 100% Australian emu oil
Contents: 80 mL
Fragrance-free, coloring-free, chemical-free

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